Today was supposed to be a good day.  After my success at the walk in centre of finally having a doctor believe me about my pain, today I was doing as he said and I had my GP appointment to get my referral to the gynaecologist.  I went to the appointment, told the GP that I had been given a preliminary diagnosis of endometriosis, and that I had been instructed to request a referral.  I listed all my symptoms and she looked at me and said “no, I don’t think you have that”, then looked at me and said “wait, let me remind myself what that is”.  That’s right, she completely disregarded everything I was saying and the preliminary diagnosis I had been given, and she couldn’t even remember what the illness was!  Needless to say I was furious.
Once she re-educated herself, she decided that endometriosis was a possibility, but she still refused to refer me to a gynaecologist – instead I have blood tests and a scan booked in.  However this increases a stress in a different area – work.  They’re not too happy about the sick days I’ve had for all the symptoms I’ve been experiencing (I’ve had 5 days off since July..) so I doubt they’re too happy about the doctors appointments that go along with them.  I have at least three appointments coming up in the near future which I will need to take time off work for, and when booking them today I nearly postponed them all, because I was dreading going into work tomorrow and telling them that I needed to take yet more time off.  Ultimately, I have to put my health before my job in situations like this, I just wish there was more support available.
Anyway, complaining over!  I took a days holiday yesterday to get a long weekend and we had great weather for it!  Sunday was an amazing day, I met a friend and we went to a yoga group in Green Park.  It was so nice to get out in the sun, and to do some yoga again and to just focus on something other than feeling shitty or work.  We had a lovely picnic after yoga with the group and then relaxed in the park for the rest of the day.
Monday, we had a relaxing morning and then headed to Kingston, to have a wander along the river and some lunch with our friends.  As much as I love central London and everything it has to offer, sometimes it is so nice to head out of the city to get a bit more space and fresh air.  After a quick coffee we stopped to grab a bite of the Mini Egg cheesecake that I had made, and without sounding too big headed it was pretty yummy!
I was pretty exhausted after Mondays excursion, which I always find to be SO frustrating, as I would much prefer to be up and doing things rather than being bed or sofa ridden with my heat packs.  I also find that with the tiredness comes an increase in pain, so I do have to pace myself when planning things to do.
There are only two working days left this week, and I can’t wait for the super long weekend we’ve got planned.  We’re off to Wales to visit the other-halves family and to have a bit of a rural retreat – there’s basically no phone signal where we’re going!

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